Ultraflo 395 Series Fly Ash

Ultraflo has developed a unique series of butterfly valves specially designed for high heat, highly abrasive, low pressure applications that do not require immediate bubble tight shut-off – the Fly Ash 395 Series.

Ultraflo Fly Ash valves are designed without seats since the high temperature and abrasive nature of the media causes resilient seats to fail. The valve seal is formed by the compaction of the line media during valve operation – making the 395 Series ideal for fly ash collection systems. The 395 series is also well suited for damper applications which permit slight leakage past the disc in the closed position. In applications where media consistency is not favorable for compaction, and temperatures do not exceed 250°F, Ultraflo offers an EPDM molded disc that provides a near bubble tight seal.


An Alignment Plug centers the disc/stem vertically in the valve bore, maintaining a median gap of .020”. This threaded plug is easily field adjustable, and a set screw secures the position. Horizontal disc/stem alignment is maintained by upper and lower Bushings.

The bronze Bushings absorb actuator side thrust and minimize torque and wear. Additionally, both bushings are inserted externally to leave a smooth, uninterrupted valve bore free of voids and exposed edges. This reduces media entrapment and valve wear. Viton® O-rings prevent leakage through the stem. Two rings form a seal between the bushing and the stem, two rings seal between the bushing and the valve body. Zerk Fittings, through the valve neck and alignment plug, allow a high temperature lubricant to be added when needed to minimize seizing and galling.


  • Size Range: 4″ – 6″ (100mm – 300mm)
  • Body Style: Wafer
  • Temperature Range: To 400°F
  • Pressure Ratings: 0 psi
  • Body Materials: Epoxy coated, Cast Iron (A126 Class B)
  • Disc/Stem Materials: 17-4ph