Swissfluid Sampling Valves SSV

Fully lined Sampling Valves with full port for safe and representative sampling of clean, corrosive process media from pipelines or vessels – without any process interruptions.


  • Bodies lined or fully made of stainless steel
  • 100% cavity-free, representative sampling
  • Easy and absolutely safe operation
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Fine dosing by means of spring return handwheel
  • Full port design, easy cleaning (piggable)
  • Simple automation with time control
  • All-purpose valve unit – installation onto large size pipelines, vessels etc.

Technical Data

  • Sizes: ½” – 6″, DN15 – DN150
  • Flanges: ASME B16.5 RF ANSI 150lbs, EN 1092-1 B1 PN16
  • Face to Face: ASME B16.10, EN 558-1 series 20
  • Body: AISI 316 CF-8M, Stainless steel casting 1.4408
  • Lining: PFA, PFA-AS (conductive)
  • Sealing Cone / Valve Seat: FFPM (Perfluoro), PTFE-T
  • Operating conditions: (depending on material selection)
  • Pressure: 1 mbar up to 16 bar -> 0.01psi to 232psi
  • Temperature: -10°C up to +160°C -> +14°F to +320°F


  • Body: Butt weld ends, clamp connections, heating jacket
  • Flanges: PN40, ANSI 300lbs, JIS 10K, with groove acc. to DIN 2512 Form N
  • Additions:
    • Block flange as per customer specification for installation onto vessels,
    • Safety cabinet with window glass plates – ESG float glass,
    • Needle adapter made of stainless steel or Hastelloy C,
    • Adapter with metal safety basket, incl. spring loaded PP plate,
    • Bottle support with PP plate, height-adjustable,
    • Activated carbon filter,
    • Pneumatic quarter turn actuator for batch sampling