Swissfluid Inline Sampling Valves SIV

Fully lined or stainless steel Sampling Valves for safe and representative sampling of corrosive and aggressive process media from pipelines, pressurized or under vacuum. Gaseous samples can be provided by means of the Piston Injector.

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  • Bodies wafer- style and flanged version
  • Easy, safe operation
  • Dead-space-free design
  • Installation in any given position
  • Maintenance-free stuffing box or bellows seal acc. to TA-Luft
  • Large outlet bore, adjustable spindle stroke
  • Leakage control connection
  • Adapter with quick clamp system
  • Corrosion-resistant materials as well as various alloys
  • Wide selection of options and accessories
  • Combinable with closed sampling systems

Technical Data

  • Sizes: ½” – 6″, DN15 – DN150
  • Pressure: ANSI 150lbs (ANSI 300lbs), PN16/40
  • Flanges: EN 1092-1 B1 ASME B16.5 RF
  • Face to Face: ASME B16.10, EN 558-1 range 1
  • Special length DIN/ISO/ANSI: short pattern 62 mm
  • Body: AISI 316 CF-8M, AISI 316L CF-3M, 1.4408, 1.4404
  • Lining: PFA, PFA-AS (conductive)
  • Spindle: AISI 316L CF-3M, 1.4404,
  • Piston Injector: AISI 316 CF-8M, 1.4408 Borosilicate glass / PFA, PFA-AS-encapsulated (conductive)
  • Operating conditions: (depending on material selection)
  • Pressure: 1mbar up to 50 bar (piston injector max. 10bar)
  • Temperature: -40°C up to +280°C


  • Titanium Grade 2, Inconel 600, Hastelloy C (all valves unlined)
  • Handwheel standard, with spindle stroke adjustment
  • Handwheel lateral, spring to close, lockable, with spindle stroke adjustment
  • Deadman lever, spring to close, lockable, with spindle stroke adjustment
  • Pneumatic linear stroke actuator, with stroke adjustment
  • Spindle extensions 100/200 mm
  • Valves heating jackets, buttwelding ends, clamp connections
  • Flanges with groove, PN25/40 / PN64 / ANSI 300lbs / ANSI 600lbs
  • Valves with bellows seal, maintenance-free, with secondary seal and leakage control connection
  • Metal-to-metal spindle sealing for slight slurries and higher temperatures
  • Bottle adapters for standard glass threads or special threads, purge connections, safety plug
  • Adapter with metal safety basket, safety plug (high temperatures)
  • Bottle support, height adjustable
  • Needle adapter with bottle, replaceable septa, activated carbon filter (sampling into closed bottle)
  • Safety cabinet with window glass plates (sampling inside closed cabinet)
  • Piston injector up to 100 ml volume (sampling in closed syringe)
  • Lab stand with holder for safe draining of the piston injector