Modular Pocket Feeder Valve

Metso’s Neles® M series pocket feeder valve for separator service in pulp and paper industry is designed for automatic removal of sand and other fine debris from the process. Typical applications are the chip chute circulation process of a continuous pulp digester and other junk traps. Complete unit consists of a full-bore ball valve, pneumatic actuator, limit switches and solenoids for purging the interior cavity of the valve.

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  • Solids proof design, seat design protecting against jamming
  • Body cavity equipped with purge connections to flush the cavity and ball during emptying cycle
  • Full 180° stroke
  • Can be operated at full process pressure, no through flow


  • Cost saving, no need for separate 2 on/off valves + 2 air evacuation valves
  • Simpler control logic system and less instrumentation
  • Solids proof design, including seats ensure long lasting operation
  • Efficient purging keeps valve clean from accumulating debris


  • Sand removal
  • Fines and debris removal


  • Construction:               Flanged, seat supported, Pocket feeder construction, 180° operation ball valve
  • Size range:                    DN 150 & 200 / 6″ & 8″
  • Pressure classes:         PN 10 – 16 / ASME 150
  • Temperature range:   -50 to +250 °C / -60 to +480 °F