Krohne Optisens TUR 2000


The Krohne OPTISENS TUR 2000 is a turbidity sensor used in open channels with a robust design suitable for potable water and wastewater applications. The turbidity sensor is available as an insertion version for flow cell installation in water treatment plants and as an immersion version for installation in open basins and channels of wastewater treatment plants and other facilities.

Product Highlights

  • Precise turbidity measurement <40 FNU/NTU through the 90° scattered light method (acc. to ISO 7027).
  • Long-term stability due to reduced clogging by integrated spray cleaning nozzle (immersion version only).
  • Robust design for open channel measurement and a long lifespan.
  • Short response time for all applications.
  • Mounting option on a flexible telescopic rod (SENSOFIT IMM 8800) or in a flow-through assembly (SENSOFIT FLOW 2000 Flow Cell).
  • Operates with the OPTISENS MAC 100 analytical transmitter.

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