Hach SP510

The Hach SP 510 Hardness Monitor is reliable, accurate, and virtually maintenance-free. It can operate unattended for two months and still promptly and immediately signal hardness breakthrough to activate regeneration. Use it to make water softening systems more eBcient and less costly.


  • Continuous hardness detection – detects hardness breakthrough when the capacity of a water softener is exhausted, immediately signals the need for regeneration.
  • Low maintenance requirements – samples water every 2 minutes automatically for up to 60 days. Requires maintenance for only 15 minutes every 2 months and tubing replacement every 6 months.
  • Convenient operation – regenerates the water softener only when needed. Regeneration is based on calculation or set times can be replaced with continuous monitoring and automatic control, lowering reagent consumption.
  • Rugged, lightweight, and self-contained – featuring an IP62-rated case that is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and shatterproof.

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