Hach pH and ORP Sensors

Hach offers a variety of analog and digital pH sensors and ORP sensors to meet your application needs for inline pH or ORP monitoring of water or other fluids. Whether your application ranges from ultrapure water to challenging industrial fluids, our range of pH probes and ORP probes provide accurate real time ph/ORP readings to ensure confidence in your fluid process operations.


  • 12 mm Combination pH/ORP Sensors – one source, interchangeable components and a common user interface that provides step-by-step procedures and reduces variability.
  • 8362sc High Purity pH/ORP Sensors – for high-purity, low-conductivity applications. Ideal for the power, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
  • pHD sc Digital Differential pH/ORP Sensors – available in convertible (PEEK® or Ryton®), insertion and sanitary body styles. Typical applications include: potable water, wastewater, industrial water, and power industries.
  • 3/4″ Combination pH/ORP Sensor Kits – designed for specialty applications for immersion or in-line mounting. Available in convertible, insertion and sanitary mounting styles.
  • LCP pH/ORP Sensors – Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), convertible mounting style, 4.5m analog cable, 5-wire with built-in preampliflier, general purpose glass pH electrode or platinum/gold ORP electrode.

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