Hach LDOsc Model 2

Hach’s next generation DO Probe, the LDO sc Model 2 (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen), accurately measures dissolved oxygen levels in water by utilizing luminescent dissolved oxygen technology within the O2 sensor (oxygen sensor) cap ensuring high levels of accuracy. Monitoring dissolved oxygen levels with the Hach LDO probe saves resources through minimum maintenance and overall reduction in aeration blower energy usage. The probe comes with a three year warranty, and the sensor cap has a two year warranty.


  • Measures dissolved oxygen at 0 to 20 ppm; 20 mg/L; 200% air saturation.
  • No calibration required – the probe is ready to work right out of the box with no calibration required for the entire 2-year life of the sensor cap.
  • No membranes to replace – with its breakthrough luminescent technology, there is are no membranes to replace, no electrolyte solution to replenish and no anode or cathode to clean.
  • No missed cleaning cycles – featuring customizable service indicators that trigger a service message when cleaning is required.
  • No drift – oxygen measurement is more accurate than ever before due to the probe’s 3D calibration procedure at the factory.
  • No complications – the probe’s new robust design features a reduced size for comfort and for enhanced durability.

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