Fabri-Valve S16-ULV

The Fabri-Valve S16-ULV Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valve provides an economical solution for abrasive and corrosive applications requiring large diameter valves. The S16-ULV utilizes ITT’s perimeter sealing technology that has been utilized for over 20 years. The S16-ULV features a robust perimeter sealing design that provides a no-discharge, bi-directional, drip tight shutoff.

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  • Robust gate reduces the possibility of bent or warped gates, which lead to premature valve failure.
  • A taper is added to the liner’s internal diameter to eliminate the possibility of material collecting at the bottom of the port and preventing proper closure. The taper ensures automatic “clean-out” and “flushing”.
  •  Minimized chest area and close tolerances prevent media packing.
  •  Urethane liner is chemically bonded to the body providing excellent liner support.
  •  Unrestricted straight-through flow design provides true full port design.
  •  Standard actuation includes a 3000 psi heavy duty hydraulic cylinder.
  •  Lifting eyes in the chest flange aid rigging and installation.
  •  Standard hydraulic actuation


  • Size Range: 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60” (DN750, DN900, DN1050, DN1200, DN1350, and DN1500)
  • Pressure Rating: 30”, 36” and 42”: 110 psig (CWP) maximum, DN750, DN900, and DN1050: 7.6 Bar, 48”, 54”, and 60”: 50 psig (CWP) maximum, DN1200, DN1350, and DN1500: 3.4 Bar
  • Temperature Rating: 170°F (77°C) maximum
  • Flange drilling: ASME B16.47 (Class 150 flat face) standard, others available.