Dia-Flo Pneumatic Actuator

Dia-Flo pneumatic actuators are rugged, durable and long lasting. Properly maintained, a service life of 20 plus years is not uncommon. The actuator wear parts are limited to the nylon reinforced diaphragm and Buna N O-rings that require infrequent replacement.

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  • Compact – Close-coupled actuators combine minimum space with maximum economy.
  • Rugged – Aluminum or ductile iron motor cases provide maximum strength.
  • Low maintenance – Only diaphragm and O-ring seals need occasional replacement.
  • Efficient – Seven interchangeable actuator sizes allow maximum efficiency of available power.
  • Minimum number of parts – Enclosed and protected from atmospheric conditions.
  • Adaptability – Suitable for pneumatic or hydraulic operation in various pressure ranges.
  • Flexibility – Can be mounted on any manual valve body already in service.
  • Accessories – Wide variety available, including: handwheel closing device, positioner, adjustable travel stop, position indicator, adjustable opening stop, limit switches and proximity switches.
  • Actuator diaphragm – Molded, nylon reinforced oil resistant elastomer. Designed for long life at air pressures up to 85 psi.

Modes of operation

  • On/Off control operation
  • Automatic throttling