Analytical Instruments

Chlorine Analyzers

  • Self contained compact designs
  • Free or Total residual chlorine
  • Low maintenance
  • Local LCD Display

Turbidity and Suspended Solids Analyzers

  • Continuously flow sampling
  • Wall and panel mounted controllers
  • Automatic bubble removal design
  • High accuracy, low range turbidity measurement
  • Local LCD Display


  • Continuous UV Absorbance/Transmittance measurement
  • Protects plant treatment processes from high organic loads with repeatable, accurate measurement
  • Self diagnostics and easy maintenance

Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Industrial design to withstand severe conditions

pH/ORP Analyzers

  • Replaceable salt-bridge/protector designs for low maintenance and extended life
  • LCP and Rayon construction materials

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

  • High accuracy and fast response time designs
  • Multiple construction materials to suite your application needs

Hardness Analyzers

  • For both influent and effluent in industrial applications and water treatment
  • Self calibrating, self diagnostics
  • Low maintenance and low reagent consumption

Particle Counters

  • Sense, measure, and count individual particles
  • Provides the number and size of particles per unit volume
  • Useful for determining the efficiency of a filter, and optimizing its performance